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About EDGE196

EDGE196’s vision and mission, is to inculcate the status of empowering startups from around the globe. Our process leads to a global outreach including Global News, Global Startup Challenges, Global Summits, Startup Stories and The EDGE Entreprenuer series all across 196 countries.

For Startups to follow their motto and passion, EDGE196 provides a unique platform called “Global Startup Challenge”. It is a global competition, led by creative minds bringing them to the centre of the Global Startup Ecosystem.

EDGE196; an international platform, aims to achieve its mission through a forum where intellect and technology meets, to create a cohesive environment for startups to become successful businesses and lead them to become Unicorns.

Ecosystem DNA

Real Estate & Infra
Smart Cities

Our Areas

Startup Challenges
Global News
Global Events
Startup Stories

Global Startup Challenge : FutureTech 2018

Global Startup Challenge : FutureTech 2018 is an initiative to empower innovations & startups across the globe through the platform EDGE196. The challenge runs across 26 global clusters (196 countries) where our objective is to identify start-ups that have the potential to become the next unicorn in the world. Challenge Launching soon...

Global Startup Challenge : FinTech 2017

We received a great response to the Global Startup Challenge-Fintech 2017-18. The applications received consisted of - 37% early stage, 35% early revenue, 28% growth stage.

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